Adab Youth Garage

Pendidikan Rakyat

Pendidikan Rakyat initiative has been implemented since the inception of AYG. This initiative is the main agenda in  AYG. Basically, AYG sees education as the best way to bring people out of poverty. Therefore, we work hard to provide various improvements in this initiative in accordance with the current needs of our client. Among them are Homework Club,  Study Group, Tutor Class, Kita Baca Kita Tulis, Online Class, SPM Workshop and etcetera. 

Bantuan Terputus Bekalan

This initiative is launched in certain situations. Most times, this initiative is implemented in low cost flat and PPR residents’ areas. The movement of this initiative is mobilized when we receive calls from community that need help from various parties that we have reached. It is most active during the COVID19 pandemic. A lot of people were impacted and need various support. Food assistance given in form of dry food and sometimes fresh ingredients were also given.

Adab Grocer

Adab Grocer Sdn Bhd is a Social Enterprise and a joint venture between highly successful businessmen with aspiring youths. This is an initiative to create a social entrepreneurship hub from a community to give to other communities. Anyone that interested can market their home-made products, members of the urban farming communities can offer organic produce to residents. Adab Grocer also intends to gather big-hearted suppliers who place the interest of the masses rather than profits alone. Adab Grocer invites all to create a harmonious and sustainable urban life. Hopefully, nobody is left behind, and the dream of 2030 will come true for the sake of our nation’s prosperity

Modul Adab

Modul ADAB is an important AYG initiative in achieving its vision of becoming a platform that fosters and ethical and independent youth. AYG used combination of 3 main concepts which is Professional Youth Worker, Safe Space and Informal learning. Modul ADAB combines these three concepts and produces pedagogy and experiential learning for all youth who participate with AYG to learn while having fun. We hope that this initiative will be able to foster positive vision of life and instill values that will form a firm identity in their lives regardless of their background.

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